Dear Ashley’s,

I love the service and the staff at your salon. I love my stylist and I drive an hour & half to just get a haircut! Some say I’m crazy but I have more ask where do you get your haircut. I rate your salon 1-10..20!!
~ Candice Belch



Every one is so friendly. It’s such a classy place too. I really love Pamela my stylist.
~ Stephanie Spike



The salon is amazing; they treat their customer like royalty. I would highly recommend.
~ Sharon Sewick



THANK YOU … Ashley’s (especially my stylist Cara) for my amazing hair color and condition treatments!! I get compliments all the time. Another happy client …love my hair!!!
~ Robyn Grimes



Thanks again Dar for fabulous Highlights!!
~ Wendy Cihak



Darlene you have a wonderful crew!
~ Gloria Peck



~ Alice French



You girls’ were so great today! Thanks again for such a wonderful “Spa Day”. Counting the days until we do it again. Memories recaptured… Great Spa Day…Thanks all.
~ Brandy Weith



I think about this of this all time, yet I never have a chance to talk about it. I think Ashley’s is the best salon in town! I’ve been coming here for over a year now. I get my pink & white acrylic nails down every 2 wks, and have regular highlights appointments. The owner Darlene is an excellent businesswoman, which shows how well her salon operates. I’m very picky about my hair as is my 19 yr. old daughter and Cara does an excellent job for us. This salon has been there for me and my family through some rough times. I love this place and would recommend to anyone who will listen.
~ Theresa Stein



Went to Ashley's to get a hair cut and my eyebrows done by Robin not only did she do the best job ever with my eyebrows and hair but the employees are extremely friendly and treat their customers like royalty! I was extremely pleased and this is the only hair salon I will ever go to now, WORTH EVERY PENNY for the greatest service, thank you to Ashley's!
~ Alicyn McCully


Cannot WAIT to spend 2 hours at my favorite salon tomorrow, on the VERY FIRST DAY OFF I've had in over 4 years. Yep, you read that right - FOUR YEARS. See you girls tomorrow for a massage & Pedicure! LOVE how much Ashley's gives back to our community and how caring everyone there is. I don't get to be pampered much, but when I do, I'm proud to call ASHLEY'S my salon!
Ginger Gausling Chorney



Katrina is the best for nails!!!
~ Mary Kutz Dargene



Thank you ladies you all did an amazing job (daughter’s wedding April 14, 2012) everyone looked beautiful!!!!!!!! 
~ Robin Turek Buzinski



Dear Ashley's staff,
Thank you for your kind services! You are such considerate, caring people. Everything about this place is perfect. Its homey is nice and Clean! Thank you for everything you do and put into your services. It has such a friendly environment. And such perfect attitudes. Thanks again for everything!
~ Love Rebecca Houlihan